Feridey N. Carr, Ph.D.
- October 2016

Feridey N. Carr, PhD is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist serving Santa Monica, Beverly Hills & Pasadena, providing evidence-based treatments for insomnia, headache and Pain Management, Depression and Anxiety.


San Diego Yoga
- November 2015

Valerie Zverina offers yoga classes in San Diego, with individualized attention on learning poses, breathing exercises and mediation. Check out her new website - valyogasandiego.com

Single Stripe
- October 25

Besides tweaking the design of this website and adding this "News" page, I'm working on a few new design layouts. The latest addition, shown above, is called Stripe. What kind of design are you looking for? Let me know! Let me transform your idea into a working website that you can maintain yourself.